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Eco Driving

'ECO Driving' is driving in a manner that reduced fuel consumption and emmisions and is to become an important part of the driving test. Below are examples of what you are expected to understand.

Avoid sudden braking and accelerate smoothly. To be able to do this you must be able to anticipate events ahead in good time. It is much better to come off the accelerator in good time rather than to brake late. Keeping on the accelerator uses more fuel, and the extra heat created with late braking escapes to the atmosphere. The brake discs and pads also have to be replaced earlier, with the consequent environmental damage from their manufacture.

Stay within the speed limits. Exceeding the speed limits not only risk a fine, but the increased speed uses extra fuel needlessly.

Move away smoothly without excessive engine revs. A diesel engines optimum revolution for fuel economy is around 2,000 revs per minute and a petrol vehicle is 2,500 r.p.m. Not only does this save fuel, but reduces clutch friction which in turn avoids early clutch replacement, with the consequent environmental damage from their manufacture.

Use the gears selectively. Just because they're numbered doesn't mean they have to be used in order. Only select the gear you need and use the highest gear you can unless you need the response from a lower one. Using a high gear uses less fuel than using a lower gear.

Keep your tyres correctly inflated. Check the vehicle handbook and make sure that your tyre pressures match the load you are carrying. Incorrect tyre pressures can cause excessive fuel consumption, and you will need to replace your tyres sooner, with the consequent environmental damage from their manufacture. Heat generated from driving on under-inflated tyres at speed can cause a blow out !

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